Our Story

iWood, inc. was formed in November 2013 by tech lovers and designers, Peter Haddad, Elie Haddad & Cameron Pereira.

Unable to find a case for his MacBook that didn’t detract from the laptop’s beautiful and sleek design, or a vinyl skin with a natural design, Peter decided to try and make his own using a sheet of wood veneer after seeing something similar online.

The feedback he got was very positive. Once he realised the potential of this material, he turned to his brother Elie – an engineer and product designer – who suggested the best method of manufacturing these skins would be to use a laser machine. Once they had bought their own machine and found a wood veneer supplier, they started to create skins for more of their gadgets – iPhone 4s, 5/5s, HTC One, Beats headphones, MacBook keyboards and more. The material used is just 0.3mm thick – half the thickness of any wood veneer available on the market

Wanting to go the extra mile and create great looking designs on the wood skins, Peter approached his friend and graphic designer, Cameron and brought him on board with the project.

Realising the potential of the machine they had bought and the popularity of the wood concept, they began creating products and designs that have shipped worldwide to over 20 countries so far.

We founded this company under one single vision – to integrate nature and the great creations of our time into one.

The idea behind each product is very unique compared to other products out there. Every single skin we manufacture is made on a laser machine but is carefully hand finished. All of our materials are sourced within the UK and our careful manufacturing process can only improve. However, it will never lose that hand finishing touch.

What we’ve created so far is only grazing the potential of what we can do. We plan to expand our operation to creating wood phone cases, bumper cases and more great skin designs.